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Anyone who works in today’s workforce will likely agree that several factors have caused a shift in how business works in recent years. Two areas that have a profound impact on today’s workforce are entrepreneurship and healthcare. As both industries continue to grow, more entrepreneurs are seeing the benefit of working within the healthcare realm. For entrepreneurs who are interested in entering the healthcare realm, here are some of the best resources to help get started. 

Entrepreneurship Healthcare Resource
Those looking for a general list of resources for entrepreneurs in healthcare should make sure to visit this helpful piece from Medium. The comprehensive list includes resources for top healthcare startup accelerators, healthcare news outlets, healthcare books, podcasts, and more. This is a great option for those entrepreneurs who are looking for a comprehensive list of resources related to healthcare. With so many different areas of healthcare to enter, this can be a great way for entrepreneurs to confine their business strategy. 

Techstars Cedars Sinai Accelerator
Known as one of the biggest programs for entrepreneurs entering the healthcare realm, Techstars Cedars Sinai Accelerator is a great resource. The 3-month program helps entrepreneurs bring their technology product to the healthcare market by connecting them with leading healthcare executives. Additionally, the program includes $100,000 in funding for entrepreneurs to utilize during the program. Entrepreneurs can also connect with successful mentors in the industry to help guide them throughout the program. Since its start in 2015, Techstars has helped a number of entrepreneurs make a successful transition into the healthcare industry. 

Future E-Health
With the rise of technology continuing to disrupt nearly every industry, it is not surprising that the healthcare industry has seen significant growth in recent years. One of the changes includes the rise of online healthcare. The Future E-Health report examines the growth of electronic healthcare practices, and how they could potentially change how healthcare functions moving forward. In a time where many Americans are staying home more than ever before, the use of electronic healthcare has helped them stay on top of their health by connecting with doctors online. Entrepreneurs can learn more about how video appointments could influence the future of the healthcare industry with the reports from Future E-Health.