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Being an entrepreneur is more than just working for yourself or starting and growing a business. It requires a mindset shift. To build your business to the success you’re after, you’ll need to do things that require pushing yourself and your business.

Below are five key things successful entrepreneurs do to move ahead.

1. Set Goals And Push Toward Them

You need a path ahead. When you go to work every day, you want to know what you’re trying to accomplish and when you want to have it done by.

Maybe you miss your deadline. If that happens, you need to be willing to accept and adapt to that failure. You have more information now on what you can reasonably accomplish in a timeline. Use that information and set your next goal.

The idea is to keep pushing yourself to make more happen in a predictable time frame so you can plan for success.

2. Get Used To Taking Risks

Entrepreneurs have to take risks. When you decide to take these risks, always be aware of what you’re risking and what makes sense for your business. Does this risk both scare me and excite me? What are the potential outcomes? Does this possibly get me closer to the dream?

Starting your own business is a risk. Most of the big steps you’ll take to grow it will be a risk. Get comfortable with the idea of failure, and keep moving.

3. Work With Great People

Even if your business is just you right now, you have opportunities to network with others. If you can find a great partner you trust, do. If you can hire out some of your work, even to virtual assistants online, do. Work with the very best people you can so that your business benefits from their skills.

4. Know Who Your Customer Is

Always know who you are selling to, how they want to be sold to, and why they enjoy what you’re selling. Never assume you know everything there is to know about them, either. Keep learning.

5. Keep Learning As You Go

In fact, keep learning about everything. Keep learning about your industry, your customers, your work, and yourself. Are you best at handling communications in the early afternoon or the morning? Are you more focused if you go for a run first thing in the day?

Make time to read books and listen to podcasts on your industry. Attend events where you can network and learn more about how others are running their businesses.

You will never learn everything there is to know about your industry or about being an entrepreneur. That’s parts of what makes it exciting. Keep embracing that to keep the passion alive for your work and to continue growing your business into something even better.