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Paul Bergsten

Healthcare Professional

Paul Bergsten has nearly 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry & is the current CEO and Owner of Hillstone Healthcare 

With nearly 30 years of experience, Paul Bergsten has developed a lifelong career in the healthcare industry, a direct result of his experience working in a nursing home kitchen when he was just 15.

Starting in 1996, Paul joined the Carriage Inn of Dayton as Assistant Environmental Services Director. In this role, he helped manage 3 separate departments, including the staff. It was in this role that he developed keen insight into the basics of nursing home management. Having displayed a firm understanding of the industry and his role, Paul moved into the full director role just 2 years later. As Environmental Service Director, his responsibilities spread across multiple buildings and departments. He revitalized the role, developing retention programs which boosted the revenue of the facility.

His interest in management and assisted living facilities grew as he worked, and he found himself wanting to implement more programs to improve facility efficiency and effectiveness. In 2000, Paul Bergsten Became Administrator-in-training for the Walnut Creek Nursing Center.

The year he spent in training improved upon his firm foundation of management skills and insight. While training, he headed programs focused on earning safety grants, and oversaw the construction of improved assisted living and independent living buildings. Paul then earned the role as administrator of Carington Health Systems, in 2001. Here, he continued to utilize his administrative and managerial experience to grow the capabilities and quality of the homes he managed. Most notably, he oversaw the transition from assisted living to the closer care of skilled nursing beds. Additionally, he restructured therapy services for efficiency, and continued to lower costs.

In 2003, Paul Bergsten’s role shifted again, this time to the Crestwood Care Center. There, his administrative experience aided in the concurrent transition of ownership, increasing the facility’s earnings. During this time he continued to diversify his experience and understanding of these facilities, learning the delicate matters of working with a unionised workforce. In 2004 and 2005, he was the top financial earner for the company and was elected to the Board of the Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes where his expertise was welcomed.

Because The Crestwood Care Center was a part of the Communicare group of facilities, Paul was able to transition to Executive Director of Regency Manor, another member of the Communicare group. This transition occurred in 2006, and expanded the scope of Paul’s oversight to a facility of more than 250 beds. Over the course of his time here, the number of beds increased to 275, and revenue followed to record numbers.

In 2007, Paul Bergsten moved on from Regency Manor in order to become administrator of Villa Angela Care Center. While here, Paul’s recognition of the importance of healthcare workers in these facilities led him to develop NP Insight. In 2007, he helped found the healthcare group in order to better partner with healthcare providers such as nurse practitioners. This group allowed Paul to reduce healthcare costs while improving worker morale and quality of care.

Paul Bergsten’s current venture is Hillstone Healthcare. Founded in 2010, this company provides full-service consulting and management to assisted and independent living facilities, including 17 nursing homes across Ohio. Paul actively seeks to work with these homes in order to improve quality of care, quality of living, and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

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